Sign up –When will get verification email

When you sign up on you will be sent a verification email, while this email usually comes through in a few minutes, it can take several hours to receive that email.

Sometimes our emails do get caught up in Spam and Junk folders, or for Gmail users, their "Promotions" tab. Use your email's search tool to look for a message from "" in all your folders/inboxes. From there you can request a new verification email to be sent.

*For Gmail users please check your Promotions tab. To ensure future delivery to your Primary inbox you will need to adjust your Gmail settings.

It's easy:

  • Click on the Promotions tab
  • Drag our email into the Primary tab
  • Click 'yes' when asked if you want future emails delivered to your Primary inbox.

Can't I Log in?

Some of the most common issues with the log-in process are:

  • Not typing the full email address
  • Check your password thoroughly.

If you face the problem for sign in after ensure above mentioned details, please use the  I forgot password option.

How Do I Change My Password?

To change your password follow these steps:

  • Click ‘Manage My Account’
  • Click ‘Change password’
  • Type your ‘New password’
  • Click Save Changes. Your password has now been changed

Budget (Preparation of monthly plan of your income and expenses)

How do I create income budget

Go to ‘Budget’ left hand side menu-click "+ Create A Budget" and select ‘Income category- salary and enter the monthly income and SUBMIT.

How do I create expenses budget

Go to ‘Budget’ left hand side menu-click "+ Create A Budget" and select ‘category- Debt/Home loan’ and enter the monthly income and SUBMIT.

Transaction (Actual Income and Expenses)

How do I Add Transaction

Go to ‘transaction’ left hand side menu- click "+ Add A Transaction" and select ‘category- Bills and utilities - Internet’ and enter ‘Date’ and ‘Amount’ and SUBMIT